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Fundraising during the #pandemic has brought on changes when it comes to our #donors and how we communicate.

Here are a few tips on how to embrace the new world of #fundraising.

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Here are 5 ways to keep your #donors coming back for more!

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Part 2️⃣ is here!

More #philanthropic #trends moving forward into 2022!

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By | July 13, 2022

Hebrew Free Loan Provides Home-Improvement Loans to Young Jewish Detroit Residents

By:  Stacy Gittleman – The Detroit Jewish News 07/07/2022 11:00 AM Jaemi Loeb and Craig Payst MOVE-IN DETROIT was made possible through the generosity of philanthropist husband and wife team Peggy Daitch and Peter Remington. As she pursued a...

By | June 30, 2022

One-third of donors directed half their giving to disaster relief

May 21, 2022 From: Philanthropy News Digest – Candid Last year, 37 percent of American donors gave half or more of their charitable contributions to disaster relief efforts, and 64 percent gave to a charity they had never supported...

By | June 30, 2022

Detroit Pistons owner Gores says he’ll commit $100 million to envisioned charity

June 02, 2022 By Kurt Nagl – CRAIN’S Business Detroit Detroit Regional Chamber Mike Tirico interviews Tom Gores on Thursday at the Mackinac Policy Conference. Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores said he will commit $100 million and create a...

By | June 30, 2022

JPMorgan Says Bitcoin Is Undervalued By 28%, Cryptocurrencies Are Now A ‘Preferred Alternative Asset’

May 25, 2022 From: Forbes, Nina Bambysheva – Forbes Staff GETTY Despite the crypto slump, banking giant JPMorgan says bitcoin is massively undervalued. Maintaining its estimate of bitcoin’s fair value at $38,000, the bank today reiterated the assessment it gave the...

By | May 24, 2022

Pandemic Has Changed Giving Strategy for Many Rich People, and Some Plan to Donate More

By: Emily Haynes – May 23, 2022 – The Chronicle of Philanthropy One third of wealthy donors — 35 percent — expect to change their giving strategy over the next two years, according to a new study of high-net-worth investors. Of...

By | May 24, 2022

Giving Cash Directly to People in Need Is a Growing Trend, as Evidence Shows It Works

By: Kristen Griffith – May 6, 2022 – The Chronicle of Philanthropy GIVEDIRECTLY GiveDirectly plans to launch a guaranteed-income program in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward neighborhood. Charitable efforts that give cash directly to people in need so they can do whatever...

By | May 24, 2022

Online Giving Increased 3% in 2021 After Far Stronger Gains in 2020, Study Shows

By: Dan Parks – May 4, 2022 – The Chronicle of Philanthropy ALEJANDRA VILLA LORACA, NEWSDAY RM, GETTY IMAGES Online giving to nonprofits increased by an average of 3 percent in 2021, according to a new study by M+R,...

By | May 24, 2022

As the Economy Contracts, Fundraisers See Another Reason to Worry

By: Dan Parks – May 4, 2022 – The Chronicle of Philanthropy Worrisome economic developments that could hurt fundraising continue to proliferate as inflation drags on, the stock market swoons, and new data shows that the economy contracted in...

By | May 24, 2022

Some Funders Are Embracing ‘Trust-Based Philanthropy’ by Giving Money Without Lots of Obligations

By: Emily Finchum-Mason, University of Washington – May 10,2022 – The Chronicle of Philathropy KLAUS VEDFELT, GETTY IMAGES With most foundations, the board of directors, and top executives set all funding priorities. Nonprofits seeking money from those funders, in turn, must demonstrate...