Every one of the nonprofit clients we serve is unique. Some have large development departments and others have no development staff at all. Some are ready to launch a major comprehensive campaign and some need to begin by exploring their campaign readiness. Others need to improve their major donor relationships and still others need to energize their annual giving program.
Whatever the need, TRG brings the right mix of experience and creativity to the table. We develop a tailored collection of services that meets our clients fundraising goals and sets them up for sustained success well into the future.

Fundraising Services:

Campaign Management & Readiness Assessment
  • Campaign Readiness Assessment
  • Annual Campaigns
  • Capital Campaigns
  • Comprehensive Campaigns
What is a Comprehensive Campaign? Campaigns are undertaken for a number of reasons – for a capital project, to build an endowment, or to increase organizational capacity. A Comprehensive Campaign incorporates all these elements into a single, multi-year campaign. In recent years, we have helped more clients launch Comprehensive Campaigns than any other type of campaign.
  • Endowment Campaigns
Fundraising Management
  • Corporate Sponsorships
  • Data Management
  • Staff Evaluation
  • Interim Executive Staffing
  • Fundraising Program Audits
Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. During a Fundraising Program Audit, our experienced team will look at your fundraising program with fresh eyes and give you concise, actionable advice about your readiness for new or expanded fundraising, including:
  • Strengths, weaknesses and gaps in your fundraising program
  • Effectiveness of donor acquisition, retention and upgrading
  • Persuasiveness of your agency’s case for funding
  • Staff, board and volunteer resources
  • Adequacy of fundraising and gift processing systems
    • Grant Writing
    • Planned Giving Programs
    • Prospect Research & Planning
    • Strategic Planning
    • Training for Board, Volunteers & Staff
    • Custom board and leadership training delivered at client sites
    • One and two-day intensive staff fundraising training programs
    • Graduate-level training in fundraising offered in conjunction with Lawrence Technological University and counting as the basic course required for the CFRM designation offered by the Fundraising School of Indiana University
    • Annual Appeal Letters
    • Annual Reports
    • Donor Newsletters
    • Press Releases
    • Social Media
    • Analysis of Trends in Philanthropy
    • Assist in Creating a Foundation
    • Planning for Corporate Giving Programs
    • Executive Training in Philanthropy
    • Individual & Family Foundation Planning
    • Advisors to High Net Worth Individuals
To ensure that your board, volunteers and staff will feel confident in their ability to fundraise for your organization, TRG has developed a variety of training and education opportunities, including:
Communications Management
Social media is a key component for every nonprofit organization. Our services helps clients create a manageable social media plan that builds community and awareness in the virtual world.

Philanthropy Services

As members of the donor community, corporations, foundations, individuals and volunteers all make vital contributions to nonprofit organizations. TRG helps prepare those interested in better understanding and supporting the philanthropic community. We have worked with many major corporations and organizations.