#GivingTuesday2020 is next week! Fundraisers check out these 5 profile tips to make sure you are making the most out of year-end giving!


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Giving Season is here! Check out this article by @GivingTuesday that recaps and provides insight on what this 2020 #GivingTuesday has to offer.


Occurring this Sunday, November 22 from
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

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New Donor & Giving Trends

Our friends at the Hodge Group, have recently posted new giving trends in their latest E-Blast.

Below is an excerpt from their email communication, you can read it all here. They are seeing the following:

  • Annual Appeals are UP!

THG sat on a Lilly School of Philanthropy webinar just last Friday and heard from them what we’ve been hearing ourselves from our clients. Aggressively communicating with empathy and resolve at this time is appreciated, and this kind of outreach has led to a general trend of nonprofits surpassing their annual appeal metrics compared to a year ago. 

  • Donor communication is evolving for the better!

Behavioral psychology and technology are more important today than ever, and using platforms like TikTok and YouTube has allowed our clients to remain authentic and relevant in the eyes of their stakeholders. This switch in communications also allows for improved Peer-to-Peer fundraising, which also leads to better fundraising. Our clients are innovating like never before to communicate their message in relevant ways, and the Lilly School agrees that the result has been increased efficiency that will last beyond the current environment.

  • Teams are becoming stronger!

Pressure makes diamonds, and it’s no secret that these are challenging times. All organizations are being forced to be more honest and vulnerable with each other as we strive to create a new normal that works for all of us. As a result of these conversations, we’ve seen organizations across the nonprofit sector establish new standards for building psychological safety and trust. An organization that welcomes these types of changes becomes more authentic, more efficient, and more relevant than they were previously.

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