Giving Tuesday and Social Media

Giving Tuesday and Social Media: Why it’s not just “Facebooking” Anymore.

24 hours later and it turns out that #givingtuesday was an astonishing success. Blackbaud and Network for Good (two of the larger payment providers) are reporting 50%+ increases in online donations. That is over $10 million and counting from Blackbaud alone and more to come from the other providers. A big congratulations to all of those involved and a personal thanks to Henry Timm’s of 92streetY who I had the great pleasure of coordinating with. (Had to make sure the Mayor and The Gov got involved in this!) #GivingTuesday shows the importance of social media and the nonprofit but most importantly the fact that if your organization does not have a good online fundraising strategy, you will be missing out.

I created Fundraising 2.0 here at The Remington Group because I saw first-hand, the growing need of a good online fundraising strategy for non-profits. Not just a Facebook page, or simple informative website, a twitter handle or donation page. A bona fide strategy that includes: engaging your donors, communicating with your volunteers and most importantly starting an active communication. Yesterday proved my assumption that if you are not online with a good strategy you will be left behind.

The most successful “social” non-profits are the ones that actively engage, ask and inform their constituency. #GivingTuesday was that medium, it was the day where everyone could get involved to either donate their time, money etc. But in order for that to happen, those NFP’s had to have those channels to communicate. If you are a non-profit a few questions to ask yourself
• “Did I reach out via e-newsletter to ask my base to get involved?”
• “Is our donation page easy to get to?”
• “Is our website easy to donate on”
• “Are all of our supporters/staff actively participating on social media?”
• “Do people know what they are giving too?”
• “Does our database have the latest online gift information that came in?”

When I’m brought in to current TRG clients I’m sometimes referred to as a social media person. Ironically, this demonstrates the exact problem at hand. Social media is only part of the puzzle, and shouldn’t be looked as a separate part of the strategy but an overall constituent strategy. Social media is a part of the fundraising 2.0 strategy but is by no means all of it or even half for that matter. Websites, e-newsletters, donate now buttons, annual funds, major gifts, online relationships, database and of course social media all are a part of the Fundraising 2.0 pie. Many non-profits have some of the above but most do not have all.

Giving Tuesday should teach us the power of technology and importance of that pie listed above. Yes, a lot of younger people do use social media, but not as skewed as you would think. As you can see  below (thanks to for the pics)
• 55% of Twitter users are 35 or older,
• 63% of Pinterest users are 35 or older.
• 65% of Facebook users are 35 or older.
• 79% of LinkedIn users are 35 or older



This shows the importance of engaging this audience that most likely already donates to your organization! To clarify, this article isn’t a plea for new business (although I’m always an email away :), it’s to show the growing need for this type of strategy.

The Bottom line if you are reading this you are probably are linked in (pun intended) but is your Board? Is your CEO? Your ED? Most likely not. Personally yesterday was an amazing day for me as it shows I’m in the right business! Kidding aside, it reinforces on what the online giving trends are showing (donations are rising online). #GivingTuesday is now 364 days away will your organization be ready for it?


Scott Remington

-Executive Director Fundraising 2.0

(Pardon the layout, it was #givingtuesday yesterday)